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Next Youth Job  is designed specifically for vulnerable youth recruitment in Canada. The job board is one of the fastest growing career job board for vulnerable youth in Canada. 

Our employment portal at NextYouthJob.ca is fully-dedicated to assisting vulnerable youth job seekers in acquiring opportunities to develop their careers. 

Our platform provides the best for Canadian youths or newly arrived and established permanent resident’s employment opportunities in Canada and also brings value, and functionality to the world of Canadian online job boards. The Job Portal provides an exclusive opportunity for Canadian employers to hire youth in Canada. 

All those, waiting to get a hiring call or are tired of hundreds of resultless applications should consider this Job Portal and get hired instantly. As a potential youth employee, our Job Portal allows you to simply search the keywords that best suit your skills and search the available jobs for youth in Canada in seconds. For employers looking to hire the Canadian Youth, our Job Portal offers an affordable way to advertise the available positions and fill in the available positions in no time. We have thousands of employers posting jobs on our job board daily. 

Whether you are looking for employment or searching for the right candidate for your company, you can be rest assured that our online job board service is the right place for you.

Next Youth Job Features and Benefits

Extensive reach and visibility
-Features Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allowing job seekers to easily view job postings
-Boosted job postings on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

Secure and reliable
-Encryption to protect user information

Access to job seeker resumes

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