Landed immigrants 

January 18, 2024

A recent study by Statistics Canada revealed that landed immigrants from Africa and Asia had the highest employment rates on average, compared to landed immigrants from other regions around the world.

The study looked at the employment rate of immigrants from various regions of the world in Canada, who were over 15 years of age. Overall, these newcomer groups had the following employment rates in 2023:

• Africa: 67.7% employment;
• Asia: 66.3% employment;
• Latin America: 66%;
• North America: 56.6%; and
• Europe: 56.6%.

Note that for this cohort the national average employment rate was: 62.7%.

These results were also consistent across sexes, with data including just males seeing the same order of regions as overall immigrants above the age of 15. When correcting for just females, Latin America advanced to second place in terms of employment rating, with Asia coming in third—with this exception the rest of the results for females mirrored the previous two cohorts.

Core aged working population: The opposite is true
However, this is not all that the study revealed. Perhaps most interestingly is the fact that when correcting results to only include core-aged immigrants (individuals aged 25-54), these results were almost exactly inverted.

The following are employment rates for core aged immigrants by region of nationality in 2023:

• Europe: 88.3% employment;
• Latin America: 82.8% employment;
• North America: 82.7%;
• Asia: 81.7%; and
• Africa: 79.8%.

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