He looked at her message and could not stop curving his lips. In the conference room, several cooperative parties were talking about the plan to the PPT. Suddenly, they caught a glimpse of the unsmiling prince of the Huo family, who suddenly had a smile on his face. They were all shocked. Putting away his cell phone, there was an indescribable tenderness in his heart. Tonight, the air quality is good, in addition to the daily visible moon and Venus, there are sparse and twinkling stars. They hung on a heavy sky as black as a curtain, shining like stars like tiny diamonds. The stars are in the sky, and she is in his heart. September is the tail of the autumn tiger, and it is still very hot in the evening. A performance at the University Student Activity Center lasted all afternoon and ended at six o’clock. Jiang Cha and Ruan Yunyun came out from the second floor. The hall in front of them seemed to be doing something. Walking along the corridor, there were very delicate and beautiful oil paintings hanging on the walls. Jiang Cha looked at them a few more times: the color was bright, bright, thick and heavy, and it was a post-modern style. Ruan Yunyun raised his hand and yawned in a low voice. “Is this band performing a lullaby?” I’m going to fall asleep. Ginger tea, can I have a meal in Nanyuan now? The canteen should be closed, right? Why don’t we eat out? Said a bunch, but there was no reaction, Ruan Yunyun could not help but look at the other side of the face, “ginger tea?” Only then did Jiang Cha react. He shook his head and said, “The canteen in Nanyuan should be closed.” After a pause, she said, “I have something to do today, so I won’t be with you.” “…… What’s the matter? Ruan Yunyun first asked, and then quickly reacted: “Oh, I know.” She leaned close to Jiang Cha’s ear, mysteriously, “The male model came to pick you up.” Ginger Tea: “…” Ruan Yunyun finished teasing, and looked at the wall along the line of sight of ginger tea, approached with a sigh, “the goddess of oil painting has come to the exchange meeting again.” “The goddess of oil painting?” Ginger tea is a little curious. Ruan Yunyun curled her lips and said,Dissolved Gas Flotation, “Yes, she is a big celebrity on a certain website. She boasts that she studied art naked and can go to T University. She posted a bunch of her own paintings on it.” Ruan Yunyun shook her head as she spoke. Her expression was very subtle: “It’s better to say that she took a self-portrait than to say that she took a self-portrait. Where she stood, she accounted for more than 90% of the photos.” Speaking of this, Ruan Yunyun tutted, his tone was obviously ironic, “so she is the goddess of oil painting.” Hearing this, Jiang Cha was silent for a while and said, “The art examinees can also be admitted to T University naked, which is very powerful.” After all, generally speaking, many people choose art only when their scores are not good in the conventional way of entrance examination, which is also a shortcut-of course, it is a shortcut to burn money, painting is relatively better, music, especially piano, MBR reactor ,filter nozzle, is simply a way to spend money. When Jiang Cha was in Tonggao, there were piano students in her class. It was true that her family was well off, and her parents were willing to invest in their children’s education. At that time, she was allowed to fly to Mordor and go back and forth once a week. She invited a music professor from Shangyin, and one class was ten thousand yuan. To be fair, the average family can’t afford the price. Of course, the unified examination is a single-plank bridge for thousands of troops, and the road of art is not necessarily very easy to walk. So listening to Ruan Yunyun say that this girl’s naked score of art candidates has passed the T line, Jiang Cha still feels that the other side is very powerful. I’m not jealous of her saying she’s not good. “But there are so many of them,” said Ruan Yunyun. “Which award is not a fight between immortals?” Speaking of this, Ruan Yunyun slanted his head and looked at Jiang Cha. “Why is she jumping so much?” Ginger Tea said.. You think she’s too pushy? Ruan Yunyun thought for a moment and said, “Maybe.” The corridor of the activity center was very long, and the two of them were talking and walking. When they walked through the back door of the hall in front of them, the door opened, and a large number of people poured out of it. Ginger Tea looked around and saw that 90% of them were male and 10% were female-this 10% were staff members.
Seeing this, Ruan Yunyun hid to one side. His face turned black and he was extremely unfriendly. He lowered his voice and said to Jiang Cha, “See?”? What kind of painting exchange meeting is this fellow? It’s obviously the scene of the blind date meeting! However, the event, which was ridiculed by Ruan Yunyun as a “blind date meeting”, was obviously attended by a large number of people, and a large group of people swarmed out. It was originally an orderly exit, but suddenly there was a noise-it turned out to be the initiator of the event, that is, the young girl known as the “goddess of oil painting” jumped out. Dong Qianqiu. Jiang Cha remembered the signature on the oil painting just now, which should be her real name. Standing at the angle of ginger tea, you can only see the profile of the girl. She wore an ankle-length white dress, her hair was also waist-length, slightly curled, and her forehead was parted in the middle-a very artistic look. However, as soon as Jiang Cha thought so, Dong Qianqiu lifted his feet and walked straight ahead, and the boys around her followed suit. Someone in the back came out a little later and couldn’t catch up with her footsteps for a while, so he felt a little anxious and pushed his arm out. Excuse me, excuse me. Although Jiang Cha and Ruan Yunyun had already stood at the most marginal position, the crowd was so crowded that it was unavoidable to be pushed and shoved. During the push, Ruan Yunyun’s arm was hit by someone, and his mobile phone fell to the ground. Ginger tea quickly reached out to pick it up and handed it to her, saying, “The screen seems to be broken.” “Never mind,” said Ruan Yunyun. “The broken part should be the toughened film.” Looked at the departure of the army, Ruan Yunyun frowned, in the end is nothing to say, eyes suddenly glanced out of the window, “.” Ginger Tea Ginger Tea, come here quickly-is that your male model? Ginger tea looked out, the evening sunset was still hot, and saw the tall and straight figure of the man hanging down from the tall trees beside the road, far away, she could not see what expression was on his face. He only saw a circle of girls around him in the distance. Ginger Tea: “…” I could also see the costumes of the girls, which should be the dancers of the performance she and Ruan Yunyun had just seen-of course,lamella tube, they were just standing far away, and a few girls were talking about something. The voice is not high, ginger tea they stand on the second floor also can not hear. khnwatertreatment.com

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