“Needless to say, they dare to ignore the royal power, this is the punishment they deserve, I believe the old marshal you should also know,” King Charlotte looked at the old marshal with an indifferent face, obviously he was determined not to easily let go of the four marshals who dared to disobey him. This The old marshal naturally knew how big the crime of disobedience was. The thousand sticks were really light, but they just said what they thought in their hearts. How could they disobey the city? Thinking of this, the old marshal wanted to say something, but at that moment, the queen, who had been sitting beside the king without saying a word, said, “Old marshal, you must respect yourself.” “How dare you talk to the old marshal?” After staring at the queen, Charlotte immediately turned her head and looked at the old marshal and said, “Old marshal, you’d better go down and have a rest. Let our younger generation handle the matter now.” The old marshal looked at Charlotte in disbelief, lowered his head sadly, and walked out of the hall without looking back. “If you do not have the public, the country will perish,” the old marshal shouted with a painful face, which immediately shocked all the ministers. Frowning, Charlotte took a deep breath and shouted, “Somebody help the old marshal go home and rest.” At this time, Charlotte really wanted to kill the old ghost directly to vent his hatred, but because of his identity,ultrasonic dispersing machine, he was not good at doing such a thing, otherwise, he would have to be scolded by the world. You should know that he is his own teacher, and if he kills him, isn’t he deceiving his teacher and destroying his ancestors? This is ethics and can’t be broken. But although not killed, but after the old marshal’s life, obviously will not be as good as before, if he stays at home, if he has any action,sonicator homogenizer, it is estimated that Charlotte will have to secretly send someone to get rid of him. After seeing the old marshal off, King Charlotte could not help but look at all the ministers with a dignified face and announced loudly: “I order people to draw up an edict to appoint Garter as the marshal of the north. Since the orcs are so rampant, I will send the dragon legion and the divine inflammation legion to Blues fortress for the marshal of the north to drive.” As he spoke, he changed the subject and said with a stern expression, “Naruhito does not want to make progress, but his meritorious service is not enough to make up for this mistake. He will be immediately removed from the post of marshal of the North, stripped of his title, and escorted back to the court for ordinary people to wait for his fate.” “I, Wang Yingming” When Charlotte had finished, all the ministers fell to their knees and shouted in unison. With a slight smile, Charlotte’s heart could not help feeling proud, this is the king, the king of a country, even if his decision is wrong, even if he framed anyone, others will say that he is right, no matter what they think in their hearts, anyway, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, on the surface they have to act according to his words. When the words reached the ears of the four marshals, their hearts were more intense than the pain on their bodies. They knew that this time it was Marshal Naruhito’s turn, so the next one might be one of them. Thinking of this, their hearts suddenly a burst of despair, suddenly thought of the old marshal left before the sentence, if the monarch is not public, the country will perish, ah, if the king of a country does not even speak a little justice, justice, then how can the country not perish? Thinking of this, the four marshals immediately looked at each other and took their heads under the ground one after another. A few days after the events in the city of Garda, the letter of acceptance reached the fortress of Bruce. This time, General Garde came to the city gate to greet the envoy in person, which made the emissary feel very honored, and the good feeling of General Garde also rose several levels. The emissary of the Kingdom of Blues is not what ordinary people can bear, they can not help but need to be a super master, but also have a certain status, the emissary of this is a kingdom of worship, he was ordered to come to bring the appointment to the new garter marshal, but also, he will take Naruhito back to the city of Garda, accept the sanctions. Welcome the emissary. “With a smile on his face, Garter took the emissary’s hands and welcomed him kindly into his house.”.
After the two sides sat down, just a little polite, they got to the point, and this Garter also wanted to know the result earlier, so he did not continue to be polite with the emissary, watching him take out a sealed scroll, he suddenly became nervous on the surface, but in fact he did not feel anything in his heart. He’s not even a real Garter. Do you want a biochemical weapon to be excited? Taking out the letter of acceptance, the emissary looked at the nervous Admiral Garter with a smile. What he liked most was to see the other side nervous, which made him enjoy it very much. After a slight pause and enjoying the nervous expression of the other party, the messenger opened the scroll in his hand and read aloud. When he heard that he had been appointed Marshal of the North, Admiral Garter, oh no, Marshal Garter, grabbed his opponent’s hands happily and said that he would invite the emissary to have a good time in Blues fortress for a few days. Of course, in fact, this is just the meaning of Yi Chi, he wants to get some secrets about Jiada city from the messenger, after all, this Garde has been staying in the Blues fortress, may not know as much as he worships. Dou Shen Relics Chapter 355 Ambition! Chapter 355 ambition! (First Watch) People are a little greedy, even if the strength of the people, there is no lack of this shortcoming, when the Guardian sent a batch of treasures, can give the messenger to be very happy, finally agreed to stay in Blues fortress for a few days, the Guardian let him leave his mansion with a lot of treasures. Hum “cold hum, looking at the other side far away from the back, Jiade a face of disdain.”. At this time, Yi Chi’s figure also quietly appeared in the side of Jiade, looking at the back of the messenger, said with a smile: “Do well.” “Master” Jiade saw Yi Chi and immediately made a respectful salute. En, go down. “At this time, Yi Chi also saw the figure of blood killing and Ruoyu,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and immediately said to Jiade beside him.” “Yes,” answered the master respectfully, and Garter retreated.

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